Upcoming Holiday Calendar

February 2021
While Valentine's Day takes the center stage with all its romantic ways, there's even more to celebrate as we push through winter. Need a few reasons to celebrate all month long? How about American Heart Month, National Cherry Month, Black History Month, National Grapefruit Montn (who knew?), and it's even Spunky Old Broads Month! Why not celebrate the spunky older ladies in your life with a fun bouquet to match their personality. Here's a few more reasons on a daily level to make February more fun.

February 1 - Spunky Old Broads Day and No Politics Day
February 2 - Groundhog Day
February 4 - Thank a Mail Carrier Day
February 5 - National Weatherman's Day
February 7 - Superbowl Sunday
February 8 - Boy Scout Day
February 11 - Make a Friend Day
February 12 - Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
February 14 - Valentine's Day
February 15 - President's Day, Susan B Anthony Day, and Singles Awareness Day
February 16 - Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday
February 17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day and Ash Wednesday
February 20 - Love Your Pet Day
February 22 - Goerge Washington's Birthday, Be Humble Day, and Walking the Dog Day
February 24 - World Bartender Day
February 26 - Purim
February 28 - Floral Design Day, National Chili Day, and National Tooth Fairy Day

March 2021
Spring is on the way! Yay! It's a month full of fun events with lots to enjoy, and why not celebrate with flowers! It's National Craft Month, National Nutrition Month, National Women's History Month, National Peanut Month, Red Cross Month, Music in our Schools Month, Irish American Month... whew! That's a lot to take in! Wanting to celebrate but can't be there? Don't worry - we deliver!

March 1 - World Compliment Day and Peace Corps Day
March 3 - Caregiver Appreciation Day, I Want You to be Happy Day, and If Pets Had Thumbs Day
March 5 - Employee Appreciation Day
March 6 - Dentist's Day
March 8 - International Women's Day
March 10 - International Day of Awesomeness
March 11 - Popcorn Lover's Day
March 12 - Plant a Flower Day and Girl Scouts Day
March 14 - Daylight Savings Begins and Pi Day!
March 15 - Ides of March
March 17 - St. Patrick's Day
March 20 - International Earth Day
, Spring Equinox, and Interantional Day of Happiness
March 21 - Fragrance Day
March 23 - World Agriculture Day and National Puppy Day
March 26 - Live Long and Prosper Day
March 27 - Passover Begins
March 28 - Palm Sunday
March 29 - National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day
March 30 - National Doctor's Day

April 2021
Spring is here! It's National Kite Month and Keep America Beautiful Month. We're doing our best to help our country be more beautiful with lots of fresh flowers and plants! It's also Lawn & Garden Month, Pecan Month, and Stress Awareness Month. Did you know flowers have been found in studies to reduce our stress level and improve our air quality? So keep your space beautiful and reduce stress - all with a bouquet of blooms! Below are a few more good reasons to send flowers all month long.

April 1 - April Fools Day and International Fun at Work Day
April 2 - Good Friday and National Walk to Work Day
April 4 - Easter Sunday and School Librarian Day (Thank them for giving the kids something to read this summer!)
April 7 - National Walking day, World Health Day, and National Beer Day
April 10 - National Siblings Day
April 11 - National Pet Day
April 12 - Ramadan (begins at Sundown)
April 13 - International Plant Appreciation Day
April 15 - World Art Day and Income Tax Day
April 16 - National LIbrarian Day and National Stress Awareness Day
April 17 - Husband Apprecation Day
April 20 - Volunteer Recognition Day
April 21 - Administrative Professionals Day
April 22 - Earth Day (USA)
April 25 - World Penguin Day
April 28 - Interational Astronomy Day, and Kiss Your Mate Day
April 30 - Arbor Day and International Jazz Day

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